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  • Spring Budget – March 2024

    On 06/03/24 Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his Spring Budget to Parliament - we knew this Budget would be planned to [...]

  • Fee Hike: Companies House Increase Fees in 2024

    Companies House have stated that they will be increasing their fees for the first time in many years. Why are [...]

  • Autumn Statement – November 2023

    On 22/11/23 Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his Autumn Statement to Parliament and started making, in his words, the long-term decisions [...]

  • Going Digital

    The trend towards digital paperless office solutions is rapidly increasing, whether it is to improve business efficiency or realise environmental [...]

  • VAT Flat Rate Scheme

    VAT Flat Rate Scheme – should Small Businesses still use it?

    The VAT Flat Rate scheme (FRS) was introduced in 2002 to simplify VAT reporting for small traders, reducing the time [...]

  • New VAT penalties and interest payments – 2023

    This article is an update on our original one published in 2020  ( )    The new penalties will impact [...]

  • Penalties for Careless and Deliberate Errors

    HMRC will charge interest on tax paid late. They may also levy a penalty where there is an error in [...]

  • Budget – March 2023

    On 15 March 2023, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his first Budget to Parliament and set out a plan to reduce [...]

  • Mini Budget and Autumn Statement – November 2022

    The new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had warned the public and the financial markets that his Autumn Statement would include “eye-watering” [...]

  • Mini Budget – September 22

    On 23 September 2022, Kwasi Kwarteng, the new delivered a Tax Cutting “Fiscal Event” or Mini-Budget to help boost economic [...]