Registered Office Altrincham

Many of our clients choose to use 1 Northway, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1NN as their registered office.

Using our address as your Registered Office has many benefits:


Instead of putting your home address as the registered office which is visible on the public register, you can use our address. This means that your suppliers and customers will not know where you reside and helps keep a separation between your business and your private life


Junk mail

Our service means that any mail sent to the registered office gets filtered by us. We will sift through everything that arrives, shred any junk mail and scan through all official mail so you can focus on growing your business rather than unnecessary admin.


Official issues are dealt with promptly

If you travel a lot with work you may not access your post regularly and sometimes important letters can slip through the net.

By using Moore Accountancy’s address as your registered office, we would be at hand to highlight these for you and deal with them if we are your agents.


For more information about using us as your Registered Office contact us on 0161 738 1110 or via the contact us page.